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had a bad experience.

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Since my surgery on 4/11/08 everything has been just fine. Since I have not had my first fill yet I actually have no restriction and am able to eat just about anything... Havent pb'd at all..

but then the other day... I ate breakfast like normal..and I started fixing something in the bathroom and stretching my arms up but to me nothing that serious and a few minutes later when I was finished i started to get a horrible pain in my chest. I thought I was haveing a heart attack.. was having problems breathing... I knew it was my band because i was right by the 1st incision between your breast and I tell u it hurt like hell... I started thinking the worst, it slipped, I busted a stitch, the tube is wrapped around my lung and is sufficating me :(( i didnt know what it was.. i was going to go to the hospital but I was afraid they were going to remove my band without even trying to find out what the problem was...

i laid down, took some liqued tylenol and just prayed for it to go away... it subsided but it never went away...i didnt eat anything else all day except for some protein water which I was able to keep down.

and today and definately much better... still have no idea what the hell could have happend..

any ideas?????

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