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Choosing the right fitness program....

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Here is a copy of the newsletter I got from Fill Centers USA this month. Very good info there. Just though I would post.

Choosing a Fitness Program for Weight Loss AND health

By Iris Stratton, CN, State Board Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer

Specialized Teaching Field in Nutrition and Weight Training

How about aerobics? Wait, before you give me a definite no, consider this: Aerobic exercises have made a lot of improvements. No more days of squeezing into a pair of stretchy exercise suits and kicking fanny in an exercise class, unless of course that’s what you enjoy. If it is then you go, girl! However, you can get all the aerobic benefits you need from everyday activities like walking or even gardening. As long as you are getting your heart rate accelerated, you’re making headway.

If you’re a Fill Centers USA member, refer to the “Fitness Section” of your Lifestyle Guide to find out the importance of monitoring your heart rate. Once you begin adding cardiovascular exercise into your routine, you'll find heart rate monitoring will become extremely important. If you do nothing more than take brisk walks on a regular basis and monitor your heart rate you will see improvement.

You can drop one or two dress sizes monthly with the help of your new simplified aerobic fitness regime and your new best friend “the band”. Some researchers also believe that aerobic exercise specifically targets the layer of fat in your abdominal area, which is good news for stubborn belly bulges that might become a problem as you are losing.

If you will give aerobics a try you will soon see that the benefits of aerobic exercise extend well beyond a shrinking body. Exercise burns calories, and studies shows that the more calories you burn, the less likely you are to get cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, and even certain cancers.

Find an Exercise Program You Enjoy

Remember, you're now going to be working out on a consistent basis. If it's an activity you dislike, you'll get frustrated or bored and quit. The exercise you choose should be something you find enjoyable and fits conveniently into your life, as well as being something you can safely do at your current level of fitness and weight. The most important part of your aerobic routine is to do something you love that is safe for your particular fitness level.

Whatever you do, don’t allow your work out to become monotonous; the best way to beat boredom is variety. Having a selection of workouts to choose from keeps you-and your body-from feeling burned out. And there's never been a better time to put variety in your workout routine. The biggest trends in fitness tapes, classes, and clubs these days are to offer routines that combine great music, new moves, and sport-specific workouts that are more fun and functional than old-fashioned aerobics.

Check out classes that combine workouts such as yoga, tai chi, indoor cycling and possibly even strength training or kickboxing. How about a fun, new dance, such as belly dancing or line dancing? So, get busy today and find what is being offered in your area that you might enjoy.

Are You A Lobo (Lone) Exerciser?

I certainly am. The fitness time I allow for myself daily is also my meditation time, and I prefer to be totally alone. If this is your case you might prefer finding activities you can do on your own, such as: Swimming, walking, walk/jog, biking, circuit system utilizing cardio equipment, hiking, back packing, gardening, skating, skiing (down hill or cross country).

Take Time for a Simple, Quick Warm-up

By starting your activity slowly, you slowly increase your body temperature, which leads to more efficient calorie burning. You warm your muscles, so they can stretch and contract more fully and quickly and you can exercise more vigorously. A warm-up increases blood flow and speeds your metabolism, thus, you're less likely to have fatigue-causing lactic acid build up. It will also help you burn glucose for energy (the fuel of choice when you want to lose weight).

Dress For the Occasion

The most important item is your footwear, because if your feet hurt, you will not continue another day. For the best results, go to a local athletic footwear store and get your feet sized and fit for a pair of shoes with the right cushioning and support for your activity. As for clothing, comfortable, breathable, supportive clothes can make the difference in either enjoying or avoiding your workouts.

Remember to dress for the weather. Wear light, cool clothing in the heat; and wear removable layers when there's a chill in the air. Also, consider investing in a supportive sports bra to eliminate uncomfortable bouncing.

Music and Fitness

Listening to music, while doing any type of exercise, can boost your calorie burn. It has been proven that people who listen to upbeat music they enjoy exercise longer before fatiguing. Even better, they feel as though the exercise is easier so they tend to put a little more into it. Always exercise to music that you personally enjoy, music that makes you want to get up and move. Use common sense with your headphones and traffic.

Make Your New Exercise Plan A Team Effort

Research shows that the single most important factor for sticking with an exercise program for the first year is having the support of friends and family. So why would you not want to increase your chances of success by having a friend or family member working out with you. Walk with co-workers at lunch or after work to eliminate stress in the work place. Plan family day hikes on the weekends, ask your husband to strength train with you or play racquetball, tennis or ride a bike. You could make new friends, get closer to the ones you have and/or be part of your family’s fitness.

You Heard Right…NO PAIN

You can gently push yourself in exercise but it should never be painful. A good fitness regime should leave you feeling as though you've worked hard when you're done, but you should be able to recover and go on with your daily routine without feeling exhausted. If you experience pain in your muscles or joints, stop. Give yourself a few days to recuperate, and gently work back into it.

If it still hurts at your next session, see your doctor and try something different in your routine, with Doctors advice. There's an activity to fit everyone's physical needs.


You can’t be right with those around you until you get right with yourself. Today is the day; GET RIGHT!

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I'm surprised they don't put more emphasis on strenght training. As you build more muscle your body burns more calories at rest. A combination of both would be the most effective when shedding the fat. Strenght training would also help us women from getting osteoperosis. I enjoy strenght training, you don't have to do free weights just the machines will make a world of difference and as you lose the fat you will be able to see the muscle definition, it looks great. And don't be scared to put the weight up, you'd be surprised as to how much you can lift or push.

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