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:P OMG I lost another 2 lbs. Which means I am down 6 pounds!!!! YEA!!!! I am so glad to see that scale move in the "right" direction. I am relieved, OMG, I was beginning to worry that this was going to be a real test of my dedication. But that 2 pound loss has really boosted up my energy and excitment that I am doing the right thing and that it is working!!!!!! YEA!!!! I just had to share it with you!!!!

Starting Weight: 242

Current weight: 236

~dianna~ :D:P:lol:

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And BTW, along with that wonderful 2 pound loss, I also started my period today which makes me excited that I lost 2 pounds when normally during this time of the month I gain. YEA..... Sorry if that was too much information, but I just had to share. hehehehe


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