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Another Dumb Question

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Here's what I understand (from reading, not experience :) )

Band slip: You'll suspect something if you're throwing up a lot. (And you can tell at a fluro fill apparently).

Port flip: They'll figure it out at a fill (when the needle wont go in because the port is turned around).

Pouch expansion: They figure it out watching a fluro fill.

..... not sure if this helps. :) Sounds like resassurance (or confirmation of a problem) is at the first fill.

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They can tell port flip under fluro [doc said at my first fill]........... that's when I met you and your hubby! ><'

I don't know about band slippage, but I think it can come from being very ill and vomiting alot. There was one lady here on the forum who had surgery after she was banded and kept throwing up afterwards and her band slipped. She had to have surgery again and have her band and part of her stomach removed. She was recently re-banded by Dr. O!!! :)

P.S. Your questions aren't dumb... the unknown is scarey! :blink:

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There are no dumb questions except the ones you don't ask.

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