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Hi there,

I was put on Optifast 900...four shakes per day, but I changed it up with their approval to one shake in the morning w/bottle of water, homemade non-starch veggy soup for lunch w/bottle of water. Optifast shake or lean cuisine (alternated days) for dinner and shake before 8 p.m. I also had sugar free popcicles for snacks.

I lost 12 lbs in 13 days. It was not easy I assure you, but after talking to my patient coordinator the surgery went off without a hitch and my liver was just fine.

I did cheat once the night before surgery (nervous wreck, I was) and ate a can of Pringles Light chips. I am not proud of that, but surgery freaks me out and by zero hour the night before surgery, the hard work had been accomplished and I had a treat. Some surgeons will allow a final meal, mine did not recommend it so, pringles was my last hurrah before banding and my new and improved lifestyle change.

Good luck and if you need anything, just ask!


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Thnak you sooo much, how about your Post op deit. I'd imagine you are on liquids right now...do you have a mushy stage?

I have been on clear liquids since surgery day on Tuesday...drank water and a little broth the day of surgery. Wed, Thurs and today, I remain on liquids, broth (chicken or beef), unsweetened jello (any flavour you like), unsweetened juice, gatorade and sugarfree popcicles.

I had gained about 7 lbs with the surgery...swelling, anesthetic, gas etc...but I am almost down to pre-op weight now. It's normal to gain with the surgery, but it's not fat.

My non-clear liquid diet starts tommorrow for two weeks, I have cream of wheat for breakfast with skim milk, creamy soup and yogurt or pudding for lunch, creamy soup and pudding or yogurt for dinner. I can continue to consume clear liquids as well, such as juice, gatorade and jello and of course popcicles. I bought Skinny Cow fudgcicles which are only 50 calories for my snack or treat.

My mushy food diet starts June 28th for two weeks, and that is mushed anything...blend blend blend...eg: mashed potatoes, cottage cheese.

Then I start on solid food on July 12th...and my first fill is to be scheduled 6 weeks from surgery date which works out to about July 21st or so. During the solid food stage I need to monitor restriction or no restriction with certain foods and at certain times of the day so that the surgeon can determine how much of a fill is required.

I hope this info is helpful to you. Any questions at all, please ask.

Take care, Cathy

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