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1st fill

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Hi there!

I am finally back from St. Pete for my first fill, exactly 6 weeks after my surgery. It was a long day, 4 hours there and then back, but it was worth it. Kathy at the St. Pete's office and her assistand Debbie was wonderful. They explained so much to me, and explained the procedure step by step. I was really happy with the way it was done, and, get this, they put 2.0 cc in my 4.0 band!! I was so excited, because I did not expect such an aggressive fill. She kept filling my band up because she wanted me to fill restriction, and I did not fill a thing until she went to 3.0 cc, and she said that was way tooo much for a first fill, she just wanted me to feell what it was like to have restriction, so she unfilled me to 2.0 cc, which is OK, since it is my first fill. I am on liquids for 48 hours, and then I will let you know if I can feel anything.

Have a great day!

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