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do i just eat right after being banded or should exercise to?

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Follow the post op instructions from your surgeon. After you get the go ahead, exercise!!!!! We all know that it is what is best for us...even when we don't want to do it. I signed up for a 10k to push myself to work out and get in shape. Best of Luck!

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Take it slow at first, I didn't start my exercise program for 30 days, and no abs for 90 days per our packet. I worked with a personal trainer at first, and it really helped me tone as I lost the weight - the inches came off faster and I have a pretty darn good shape now. I don't think I'd look like I do or loose as consistently if I didn't exercise.

The trick is finding something you like and do varieties, and do watch out for pain, stop if it doesn't feel right. When I worked out with the trainer (just 4 sessions spread over 4 weeks) it was to learn how to use weights and the machines properly at the club, I went 3 to 4 times per week on my own during that time.

I’ve taken everything from hip hop, yoga, to belly dancing (my fav) and most of all I just turn on music and dance to it at home. The real secret is…… (shhhhhh) just move your body and find a fun way to do it so you stick with it.

Good luck and start slow!

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