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Ummmm.....do we all understand that this section was supposed to be for questions we wanted to ask the OCC doctors, not each other? It seems that its purpose has been thwarted, and I may be as guilty as anyone else, since I think I have posted replies here also.

I think it would be really nice to be able to get online answers from the surgeons for questions and problems many of us may have.

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I thought this area was for the same, questions for the Dr's and then for them to answer here. When I posted a topic I wanted it to be posted in the general discussion section and it got posted in this questions section without me wanting it there. I had nothing to do with where it was posted, it just somehow went there. Who/how does this happen? I agree totally with you snowbird.

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The same thing happens to me...I ask a question under General discussions about food and it ends up in the Post op food section.

Someone must be monitoring the forum or a key word used in the post places it into a certain area???

It's a mystery!!!


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