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Booked Second Fill

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I agonized over the decision but finally realized it is just more practical all the way around to go to Denver than all the way to TJ again. In Denver I can have fluro or not and I will decide when I get there. They were very helpful on the phone and I am happy because I dont' have to book way out to get good airline rates. For the others of you wanting to know about Thornton, Co I will let you know how it goes.

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Yes, had fill last Monday. He was able to access my port on first try without Floro (my choice, there is fluro available) and gave me 2.4cc. It is a decent fill but I will definitely need another one when my 3 weeks is up. I have good restriction AM, decent at noon and almost nothing at night. Dr. Singh did well though and I will be going back to him and most likely skipping the Fluro again since he did it so easily.

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