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NSV Non scale victories!!!

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So I didn't make my mini goal of 190lbs by Canada Day, but I have my Independence Day Yaaah!!!

My new mini goal is 180 by family wedding in August.

NSV=I also could do up a pair of size 15 shorts. Couldn't walk But they did up.


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Nicolek, thanks for bringing back NSVs! I have had a few:

Had to get rid of LOTS of clothes that will never ever fit me again! Very exciting.

Wearing my clothes from last spring (some are getting a little baggy already...)

Can zip up a small size 16 pants that I never have been able to...Hopefully will be wearing them in the next 2 weeks comfortably.

And this IS a scale victory- but I am now at 199!!! Yea I have been waiting for that for so long! Can't even remember the last time....

For the first time eating small bites of fruits and loving it! Not missing all of my old favorites anymore (pizza and chinese food).


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I went to the bathroom and didn't have to un button my pants! slid them right down and right back up. :lol:

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My NSV's:

-I was able to put on an old pair of shorts that are Junior size 7!!!! A little tight, but in about 5-7 more pounds they will fit perfectly :D

-I am starting to see muscles on my biceps and triceps--yeah!!

-I am more toned now, have more muscle, so I can now fit into clothes that I wore when I was about 10 pounds lighter than I am now!!

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Mine are I excercized 1 day this week. I had intended to do more but was derailed by bad news.

My pants were very big so I had to go buy a new pair of black capri's. I was a size 20 at this store call "The Avenue", I started with an 18...to big...16... to big...14...just right. I know it is not the same as a 14 in a regular store, but it is a good start. Dawn

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