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Good morning to you all!

On this day, we in the US celebrate the phenomenal achievement of acquiring our Independence: the right to govern ourselves. In a way, if you read this, you've achieved a PERSONAL independence day. The change we've chosen will direct us in the path of independence from our struggles with nasty scales and shopping at the large sections for clothing.

The struggle by the US was not easy. There were constant battles, continuing challenges and the forefathers knew it was a day to day struggle to secure our freedom. Our journey is similar. Our day to day struggles change us, though we have the constant battles of old habits, holiday food buffets, and rich, elegant foods that trash our diets.

We can celebrate today, and our Canadian friends (we love them!) can join in with us to commemorate the day each one of us started our road to pound independence. We've seen many who gained that freedom earlier, and those testimonials, and their support show us where WE will be... one day.... soon!

A day at a time, wonderful friends..... our Independence is here, now let us conquer EACH DAY!!

And we will!

Have a blessed holiday, those of you in the US... those of you in Canada, tell your bosses that I've given you the day off to go fishing, to take in a movie, to go on a drive into your BEAUTIFUL country, or just to relax, and celebrate YOUR weight independence!!

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You dizzy yet? I am!

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Great post!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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Today was an unusual day, the first holiday since being banded. I grilled and grilled, cooked and cooked, and had a wonderful time doing so.

I filled my plate as I have in days past, with smaller portions. I ate about a third of my plate, and wanted to eat so much more, the luscious flavors melting together.

I did take little "tastes" during the cooking process, as all master cooks do; and this started filling me. I realize that now. The food tasted so good though. I ate slowly until I was filled.

Since all my family knows about my band, I excused myself, and went into a different room while the others continued to do the food. I sat and felt good listening to them praise the food, but I did miss eating it.

And then again, the meal is over now, and everyone went to do things together....... and I realize I didnt miss is as badly as I thought I did, because I am getting smaller!

New life style, hello.....

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