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question about after you are banded?

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Hi all,

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July. I was wondering what happens when you have been banded and return home if you have any problems medically? Did you just call the OCC? Did you get a fast reply?? Did you go to your regular doctor? My husband has been asking me about this and he's now got me worried.

Thanks everyone!!!

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It’s been a while for me, and I didn't have a medical condition however you will find postings of few who did. And from what I read they received a fast response and were taken care of. (There was a lady who ate chicken right after surgery and slipped her band – and just lately someone had a flipped port),

When I left after my surgery I was given a packet with contact information - including Dr Ortiz's cell number and told to call if needed. It was never needed for me personally, but I did feel good and after reading all of the posts of people that were taken care of by the OCC I am very confidant in their "after" care.

I'm sure some will reply as well, but I understand where you are at - my husband had the same questions.



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Hi Sylvia,

I had severe diarrhea that started a few days after surgery. On the 3rd day that it continued despite taking the max dosage of Imodium I called Dr. Ortiz's cell and left a message. Dr. Martinez called me back within about 15-20 minutes and talked with me for quite a while giving a variety of advice - and he asked me to call back in 2 days to give him my progress. With his advice I started improving the next day.

By the way it was a Sunday when I called - I was so impressed with, and appreciative of, the great care I received, and it made me feel reassured that if a more severe problem occurred I would get the immediate attention needed.

You'll be in the best of hands at the OCC - let your hubby know he can rest easy.


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I had a problem with vomitting and I would call the OCC and Dr. Martinez would always call me right back with great advice.

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About 2 weeks after my surgery I got a bad, "catching" pain in my port area. I mean, it grabbed and I about went to my knees! I know I hadn't done anything, I turned in the bathroom and it caught. It felt like a tugging from the inside. I emailed Dr. O and he emailed me back within an hour. Told me that that can happen during the healing process and ask me to watch the area for the next couple of days for swelling, redness or if it felt hot. [None of that happened] He said it should feel better in a couple days, and it did! I was sore, but it got better quickly. I haven't had any complications that made me go to a local hospital or anything. We have a local Doc that does lapbanding, but he won't deal with anyone banded by another Doc. If I had major problems, I'd go to the ER, but if possible, I'd go back to the OCC. I got my first fill there and am going back on the 29th for my second. =D> Love the OCC!!

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Nothing that I'd call 911 about.

Just wanted to know whether or not it was safe to go back into the water.

I live in Phoenix. It's hotter than Hades. I was banded on the 16th and all the dermabond has long ago fallen off.

Is it safe to go back into the water?

The answer?:


Like I said, it isn't life gripping, but hey! I got an answer and it was fast! No complaints here.

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