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Surgery July 2nd...HELP

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Had surgery July 2nd, flew back home, had a lot of air turbulence then got motion sickness and now....my head feels like I am in a fog. I am on my clear liquid phase until Wednesday, then I can start my creamy soups. I look forward to my creamy soup stage. I do enjoy tomato soup a lot. My port site is still tender, swollen and sore, so bending over is not fun at this point. I thought I remembered Dr. Miranda saying that we could start the creamy stage on day 4 but no sooner. I'll have to look through my papers to make sure, I don't want to mess anything up. With my head feeling so weird I feel like I can not think right. I read some posts on burping....I WISH...I have a hard time burping...I wish I could burp maybe it would help me feel not so bloated (sorry TMI). Thanks for your help. Would like to know what receipts you all did to help get through the 3 weeks.

:D Dianna

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I had a lot of nausea when I arrived home from the plane, it will pass. I personally didn't eat creamy soups until day 7 just because I wanted to be very careful. I was banded on June 12 and my port side is still tender but I can actually bend over somewhat now. I have to say that I was suffering from severe gas pain my first 4 days after surgery and when I got home I started taking a pill called Phazyme/ Gas X and walked around the block for about 30 minutes everyday just to relieve the gas. It just doesn't come out that easy. I'm not a burper or farter. You will start to feel more like your natural self, it just takes time and make sure you keep hydrated. I even get shoulder pain that is really annoying when I get too gasy but I just walk it off. Follow the doctors orders to the letter, don't eat solids too soon. You will be fine, just think you are not alone in this, we all did the same thing. Take care and I wish you the best!

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Congratulations Diana!! You have made it over to bandland.

What you are describing is what I went through as well. I took Tums chewables for the gas/bloating problem.

My port was sore until about week 5. It hurt for me to bend over, even sitting in a chair and trying to pick up something on the floor. As each week went by, it got a little better and now I almost never notice it.

As for the creamy soups, my favorites are the Campbell's cheddar cheese and Southwest Jack (a little spicy). The cheddar cheese soup tastes like cheese dip and the Jack soup tastes like a very mild Mexican cheese dip.

You can make a quick potato soup by heating up in a pot some mashed potatoes (I bought some of the ready to microwave mashed potatoes) and add some chicken stock and milk to get it to the right consistency. Throw in some garlic powder and/or onion powder for some taste and some of your favorite cheese.

For a change of pace, I would heat up some pizza sauce with a little Parmesan cheese on top! I would coat my spoon with it and savor every bite. Yum!

Good luck sweety! You'll make it through.

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Glad you made it home safely though a bit bumpy.

You will start to feel better over the next few days. The airplane ride home alone can be heck!

Remember to try the Chicken Tortilla soup recipe posted on the forum. It's good. I loved Campbell's Soup at Hand Creamy Tomato - I started to crave it.

Your buddies patiently await your return to us:)

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You can take a Dramemine and see if it may straighten you out. I know when I flew down to be banded, I got SO airsick! I went to the OCC the next morning [which was after about 4 hours sleep] and I was still sick. They gave me Dramamine and it fixed me up pretty quick.

I burp when I bend over, so if I feel bloaty I go around straightening my carpets and let 'em rip! :D

Hope you feel better soon!

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