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Anyone from phx

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I live outside Surprise for half of the year. Welcome. I'm headed back down next week to check on my mom.

There is another forum called lapbandtalk.com that has a lot of Arizona contributors and a state by state forum for bandsters from the same geographical area. The Arizona group occasionally get together for lunches too.

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I'm not from there, but I've been there. It's an awesome place!!

So how did your surgery go? How are you feeling now? What is your after band eating schedule for the next few weeks.



I went good. Pretty sore the first few days. Today I feel great. Blend , blend, blend, Just had a pudding snack. Wednesday I can eat mushy foods for a week and then a regular diet.

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Hey, I know a lot of Dr. Simpson's pt's - I'm from AZ and my family is still there so I’m out there about every other month at least. (I’ll be there in the next few weeks to enjoy the 110+ weather you’re having)!!

The pt’s of Dr Simpson are very active and I’ve gotten together with a couple of them when I'm down there. (Friends of my sister) I’m sure you know about his message board, he actively participates himself! It’s a very fun group!! (Not as good as ours though) I’d be happy to get a few of the girls together (his other pts) and meet up with you when I’m out next.

Welcome – what area of AZ are you from?



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I don't have any hair

Huh? Who cares? You have a band. Works for me. Oh, that and I'm also 41.

I'm female. I change hair color just because I want to. I add streaks. I grow it, I cut it. If I had allopecia, I'd just appreciate the simplicity it brought.

I also appreciate the appropriateness of wearing pants, capris, short skirts, long skirts, dresses, and shorts on any given week.

The sentence above was written to give light to "who cares? You have a band". Wear what you want. Wear the hair you want. Just show up. :P

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I think that would be fun if we could get together and meet.

Maytee :D

I start school up in a couple week but I would like to meet up sometime. I cant believe summer break is almost over.

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