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Abdominal Pain


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Hi, I was banded June 24, 2008, roughly two and a half weeks ago. It has been about a month since starting the pre-op and i am down nearly 20 pounds. I have had pain in the lower left side of my stomach for several months now. I mentioned it to the nurse at the weight-loss clinic and she said that it was just digestive problems. I don't know if she really inderstood that the pain had been there pre-Lap band and was just becoming worse and more frequent. About a month prior to the banding, I had a week where every night I was writhing in pain. The first night it happened, I actually went down to my mom. I am nearly twenty and haven't gone to her at night in years. It hurt every night that week, but it wasn't as bad and kept happening earlier every night. I have had pain in my side everyday since being banded. While I am not writhing from it, it still hurts greatly. Should I be concerned??

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Hi there, if you are still experiencing this pain, I would see your doctor. It could be something totally unrelated to the band. It could be appendix, gallstones, kidney stones, ovarian cyst...you name it.

An ultrasound will give you a clue.

Take care and feel better soon!


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