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Hi All

I just have to tell you that I made my whole family kill themselves laughing today.

I have been feeling a hard lump between my Boobs when I lay down.

I became quite paranoid that my band had slipped and I now could feel it.

I made my husband and children feel it.

BUT what do ya know its my breast bone I didn't notice it under all my fat,

I also have hip bones, but only one at a time when I lay on my side.

Just wanted to share.


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LMAO! I also noticed I have bones where they never were before. It is amazing!

Congrats on those new bones, Nicole!! :D

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LMAO!!!!!!!!! My family wants to know why I am gut rolling!!!!!!!!!! They think I am funny when I look at the computer and start to laugh! That is the funniest thing I have heard all day! GREAT NEWS!!! CONGRATS!!!!

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P


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