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First fill

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Well I had my first fill on Saturday and I couldn't believe how easy it was. I did not go back to the OCC but instead chose to have it done by a nurse here close to home. This person also has the band and even does her own fills, it was nice to have someone who can relate to all the struggles. She is 1.5hrs away from my house so its better than the 15hr travel time to go back to the clinic.

I went to her house, met her children, played with her guinny pigs and chatted for a bit. She read my surgical report got the needle and I just laid on her couch she felt for the port inserted the needle (no pain) searched a little and voila fill done. This process only took less than a minute and it cost $150 (a little steep I think). She only starts with 1cc. I had a glass of water while there and could feel the restriction, but now I don't seem to feel it very much. She recommends 1 day of liquids, 1 day of mushy food and then back to normal food. This seems to be what other doctors recommends. I will be trying a meal tonight.

I am hoping that she will be coming into the city next month so I can just get it done at home.

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