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Dr Appointment Help

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I am scheduled for my first Dr appointment tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. My primary care Dr wrote a letter recommending me for the surgery.

What kind of questions do I ask the Dr? What is he sees no need in me having the surgery? I am 5"9" and I weigh 292 lbs and my BMI is 41 or 42.

I have to say that I am so nervous. There have been several people that I work with that have had the surgery and the insurance has paid for it.


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Guest sdejong

Don't worry about the doctor thinking you won't need the surgery, I think we all go through this. Dr. Ortiz/Martinez were amazing, I felt like I could just talk to them. Do the same with your doctor. Best luck....

Who is your Doctor?

I would ask what type/size of band he thinks he will use.

Ask about the Pre-opt/ Post-opt diets.

Ask about fill management.

Ask about aftercare.

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