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This is Anita Louise


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I too love my cats goober girl and say say marie . Goob looks like your missy and say say is a pure black cat and both are love dovey cats that I have had for about 11 years and are there for me even though my kids have grown and moved away

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Oh man I love your cats!! You are so lucky to have so many. My husband will NOT let me have anymore than 1 cat and 1 dog......right now. He says we need a bigger house but I don't agree. I would feel sort of guilty though because my 2 babies might no adapt well to a new intruder. Abby my dog is very possessive of me and although she and Baxter gat along great, I think it would break her heart to have to compete with someone else. Also my cat sometimes gets ousted by the dog already. I guess my family is complete for now!!

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