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Hello Everyone

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:rolleyes: Hi Everyone,

I just found this forum, and I am so excited! I had the lap band surgery done just 5 weeks ago. I did not tell anyone except my husband that I had it done, so I have had no one but him to talk to about this. I am so thrilled to find a forum just about lap bands!! I live on the coast of Alabama, smack in the middle of Hurricane Ivan destruction area. My surgery was postponed because of Ivan. I was so nervoous, but everything went without a hitch! So far I have lost 17 pounds, and I am going in next Monday for my first adjustment. Can someone tell me exactly how they tighten the band?

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Hi and Welcome

This is a good site but a little slow not many people post since it is still new

Here is another great site for lap band support


it is a very active site with many bandsters, veterans and newbies . Everyone there is like family . Congrats on your band. I wish you lots of success!

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Hi Jeo,

Welcome and congrats!!!! I had my first fill about 2 weeks ago. I describe the tighting just like a blood pressure cuff.. A needle filled with saline is inserted into the port in your bellyyy..( doesn't really hurt ) then it travels up the tube and into the band which fills up.. Blood pressure cuff...pump the air into the tube and the cuff tightens. You will drink a drink a liquid (can't remember correct name) and the Dr will watch it flow on the x-ray machine and hopfully you can too. The saline solution can be added or subtracted depending on you. Basically that's it... I hope that helps

frequent flyer :D

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