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hello don't know of where fill centers are in SLC but i do know a great nurse practitioner in Pocatello Idaho that is well worth the drive. She has done all my fills. her name is Cindy Rice and phone number is (209)233-9355. She is with the sleep and wellness institute. I am located in Boise, Id and would also be happy to help. but i do recomend someone close to you. try to contact fill doctors directly as they are often cheaper than directly through fill centers.

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Is there anyone out there who lives in Utah. Just looking for places and prices for fills in utah. I already talked with the fill centers in Salt Lake, just looking for other options. I am scheduled for surgery August 29th.


Hi Jessica,

I live in Vernal, UT and am ready for my second fill which I hope will be in the SLC area. I've checked the Fill Center online for info but they seem hesitant to give very specific details. For me it's a 4 hour drive just to get to SLC so I also want to know where I'm going and how much the cost will be.


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