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Fill Centers USA -Houston, TX

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Hi everyone!!! I would like to know if any of ya'll have used the center in Houston? Any pricing info or insight to the center would be nice. I'm considering going to get my next fill there, but they don't use fluoro and I'm not sure how their patients stats are? Comments, suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Or if you are seeing another Dr in the Houston area, let me know name, number or email info, please.

I'm still looking into TJ also, but considering Houston because it is much closer and plane tix are skyrocketing ridiculous- even with the 5% discount Continental offers.

:D THANKS everyone in advance ! :D

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a lady that got banded with me in June had her fill there last week, no problems, they put in 2.4cc in her, it is more than I have ever heard on a first fill. I am waiting to hear how she is doing. Her daughter-in-law has been using the center for ober a year. All the centers charge the same amount...350 first visit and 65 after that, some have fluro and some don't, to use fluro is an extra 100 bucks.

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