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Guest sdejong

I would either email or call Dr. Miranda. I was terrified of her before meeting her, but as long as you are honest with her you should be fine. There have been others who have not lost weight and been banded, just talk to her, she may be able to help you ajust your pre-opt plan. Best of Luck!


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Drink lots of water....your body may be adjusting to your new diet plan and before you know it, you will drop a bunch all at once. Try not to get discouraged...this is teaching you patience for your lifestyle change.

Chin up and keep on the right track and it will happen!

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I think of this as a year long ball season. Yes, some nights we win, but yanno... tomorrow we take the field again, and tomorrow.... kick some names and take some... or something like that.

One day at a time is my favorite lapband motto. We need to take it one day at a time. Be victorious tomorrow.

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