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Weather affecting your band?

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I had my 3rd fill last month, now have 3.1cc in my band. I was doing ok (could feel restriction) but then our weather changed and we have pretty high temps for our area.

So the past 2 weeks I have been pretty limited on what I can eat (lost 4lbs) but seriously, I cant eat if I am hot (so no picnics). I went to a picnic and had 2 bites of chicken and a slice of watermelon and thought I had died. I spent the next 2 hours in the bathroom PB'ing and couldn't eat for another day. I've had a couple of days that have been the same (seems its bad if its over 85).

Anyone else having this issue? And should I go get a slight unfill or just moniter my eating even more? Typically we only get a month where we have real highs....



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I have the same problem, I'm glad I'm not crazy!! I PB'ed all weekend, at the river (it was 115) I get home and don't feel like I have much restriction... It's crazy how it changed!! I take protein shakes with me.

I don't know if it's a good or bad?? ;)


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Wow, I can't say I have experienced that...but I do find, like a few others, when I get upset or stressed, I get restriction in my throat "the lump" and it's harder to eat, things get stuck.

My surgeon told me that their are muscles in your stomach and esophagus that can restrict, depending on moods, feelings or what you are eating.

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