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Just banded at OCC!!!

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Hi everyone!!! I was banded yesterday at the OCC and wanted to take a minute and thank everyone on the forum for their support and kindness.

I was super nervous before coming and really just had to force myself not to think of it all, lol. I came alone and so far I have managed fine. Everyone at the OCC was very kind and I think I am doing ok.

I was wondering if anyone else burped (not productively just a small one) the day after surgery?? I have burped several times today and I guarantee you I am following directions. I called the OCC and the receptionist checked with the doctor and said not to worry. Of course, I am still worried. I SO don't want to mess up my chance!!

I am also happy to report I lost 10 pounds on the pre-op diet, it was nip and tuck there, lol!!!

Thanks again!!!!

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Cathy, you crack me up! But.... you are so right!

Mizz, congratulations and welcome to bandland!

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:cheerleader: ~~Congrats on being Banded ~~ :cheerleader:

Ive now been banded for 6 days and for the first 3-4 days i did burb alot, it seems to have settled in the last 2 days

so i can tell you its pretty normal :good3:

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