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Get Back on the Right Track!

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Another interesting idea from the BE website, this plan is similar to the 5 day pouch test that I posted a few months back... However this is a 3-5 day liquid only diet to get you over those bad habits we all tend to slide back into at times, also can help kick your carb/sugar cravings. It's similar to the way you eat/drink after a fill and we all know how those pesky pounds drop off right after a fill, it's not the fill itself working at that point it's the liquid diet. The only time I am "tight" these days is when I have my period so I usually do something like this on those days and I usually see 1-2lbs lost in those 3 days so maybe something like this would be a way for all of us to reset the bad habits and kick start our weight loss once a month??

The 3 Day LPT does not require special recipes and is only for three days. It does help you get back on track with your eating, AND allows more flexibility with your choices.

Here is the 3 day liquid protein plan for those who may be interested:

Many ask, “What does LPT stand for? What is it?” LPT stands for Liquid Protein Train. It is used by people who have gotten off track (or just plain derailed!), need to de-carb themselves (to get rid of that nasty urge to snack or overeat), or to jump start weight loss again. It also helps you to get in touch with how you feel when you do eat or drink (feeling full, stopping when you have the full sensation, etc.) I searched the message board recently and came up with several questions and responses by others... My final conclusion is that there are really no solid or set in stone rules. However, here are some general consistencies when people decide to do the LPT.

Who Should do the 3 Day LPT?

1. If you have gotten off track (or just plain de-railed in your weight loss journey!), then the 3 day LPT is for you.

2. If you find that you are addicted to carbs, are eating junk food, are snacking and grazing, then the 3 day LPT is for you.

3. If you need to jump start your weight loss once again, then the 3 day LPT is for you.

4. For those who have no weight to lose and are not addicted to carbs, this is probably not necessary.

Before You Begin:

1. How many days will I do this program? Normally it’s done for 3 days. You may choose to continue for up to 5 days. Anything over this might be excessive.

2. Will I drink ONLY protein shakes or will I add a light supper? The choice is entirely up to you. If you are able to get rid of carb cravings by cutting back to eating a light supper (high protein), then you may want to stick with drinking shakes all day but a light supper at night. However, if you are overly addicted to carbs and need a more aggressive approach, the full liquid shake only approach may be the best for you.

Preparation for the Program:

1. Make sure you have plenty of protein shakes available – there’s nothing worse than to be in the middle of a program and run out of products! Stock up on high protein, low carb, low sugar and low calorie protein powders or ready to drinks. Bariatric Eating sells a wide variety of great tasting protein products.

2. Decarb your pantry – get rid of foods that you should not have (crackers, chips, cookies, high carb sugar free products) as these will be a stumbling block to you. Also, the purpose of the LPT is to get back on track and away from those items that cause you to fail. You don’t want to sabotage your own success by having these tempting products in the house. They do have a tendency to call your name at the most inopportune (usually your weakest) times!

How It's Done:

1. Drink a protein shake whenever you feel hunger (whether it be real body hunger or head hunger) – one person said they drink a shake every two hours. I figured that if a person would start at 6 am, drink a shake every two hours, this would allow them to drink up to 8 pm! (Sounds great)

2. Consume a minimum of 800 calories for the day

3. You may drink fluids after consuming protein shakes. The "30 minute wait period" before drinking after food does not apply in this case.

Keep in Mind:

1. Get off sugar products

2. Some people include a few additives in their shakes to help spice them up such as a little peanut butter, or sugar free Davinci syrups, or a little bit of fruit (although fruits do have carbs, so it depends on what your preference is). If the additive causes you to crave more, DON'T add it.

3. You may want to include thin soups with light vegetables, yogurts or custards as they are considered full liquids.

4. It has been suggested that if you are exercising, drink a protein shake right before your workout.

Transitioning Back to Normal:

1. If you are doing full liquids for 3 days, on the fourth day you will want to add a light supper. When comfortable, add a light lunch until you are back to your 3 meals a day. The LPT will help you to be more in tune with how food makes you feel. In other words, you will know when you are full on a meal. Stop there, do not overeat. Listen to your body and pouch when it says its full.

2. If you did liquid all day and a light supper at night during the 3 days, then just add your light lunch back into the routine.

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MamaMichelle, you must have read my mind, I was just thinking that I could use a protein boost and get back on track..not that I have fallen off track, I would like to boost my weight loss again. I think after my fill today, I will replace a meal or two with a protein shake.

thanks for the info, it's great!!!

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Thanks so much for posting this, Michelle! I just had a fill on Monday and have been doing liquids up until today when I can add back in soft foods. However, I like your idea and will continue having my protein shake in the morning and also try this plan whenever I fall into a rut.

You are the BOMB! :P


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Hey Cindy- Great to see you posting again! I can't believe how fast you're losing, I remember in April when you were just getting into onderland and now you're in the 160's!!

You need to change you avatar and post some before and after pics for us girl, what an ispiration!!

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Hey Michelle; Thanks for the kind words- I see you are doing extremely well also. I'm so proud of you!!!! I know I do need to update my picture... I'm so lazy... I'm going to get around to that this week!!! It's my mission. Sometimes when I log on and see my numbers in the 160's I have to take a double take and think "wow is that right"? It's amazing- I can't even believe it!!! But again thanks for all of your helpful posts- you are full of useful information girl!!! :)

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Thanks once again for another wonderful post!!!

I have already used this for myself in the past when I felt I was getting off track. Doing the liquid diet was easy, for me anyway, so that was a great approach. I also noticed that when I stop eating carbs, I don't crave them anymore. But, it is always easy falling back into old habit.

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This is excellent info MM! Thanks for sharing. :D

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