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boarding the plan to TJ at 8:40am Thursday

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Here I go........ I am getting nervous now. I most fearful about getting an iv. They always have a hard time with me. And I am fearful of the pain. But I keep saying that it can't be that bad since most of you love your band!!!!

I will check in from the "otherside". :rolleyes:

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You will surprised how easy it all is!!! At least I was! I got home last night at 12:30 a.m. Yes, I am tired and overwhelmed. I should be doing laundry, etc. but I'm not, lol. I am happy I went for the surgery and happy I had it with Dr. Ortiz. Tell yourself you have made up your mind and now you are proceeding:) Full speed ahead:)

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I feared the IV also. As a nurse I put them in all the time but when it's me it's different. I also have terrible veins with memories of being stuck 5,6,7 times to get IV's in so this was what I was nervous about, not the surgery itself. Anyway the nurse got it in on the 1st try with no probs. I found out they use a very SMALL size IV needle and remember it's just tubing that stays in the vein. Again it's a very small one which makes it much easier to get in anyone who has bad veins. Hope this helps give you some peace of mind.

Have a great trip, I'm so happy for you!!

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Josefa started my IV. It was painless. I also tend to have difficulty with technicians starting IVs. Josefa was one of the best, if not THE best person to start the IV I've EVER had.

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Hi all,

I was banded this morning. I am moving around. pain.... what pain???? no pain at all.

I also had a hiatal hernia repair while I in lapband surgery.

May weight was not where I thought it was, please they took an inch. I thought I ws 5'4"m Dr. Miranda say 5'3". My bmi went up like 3 points just because of that 1 darn inch.

Everyone here is super nice. And very clean.

I am so excited about this. I just know this is the tool that I needed.

I was not ever nervous about the actual surgery. I was mostly neverous about the iv, and that was a piece of cake too.

No gas pains yet. Do those come later?

Thanks to you for all sharing our stories and keeping us informed.

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Congratulations! Glad that all that worry was for nothing. I did have a problem with my IV, but am glad it went well for you. When they missed my vein I panicked and the anesthesiologist (can't remember his name, but he was soooo kind) came in and held me and calmed me down until they finally got my IV in. That was the ONLY glitch in my surgery and if I had to do it all over again I would say "Hell Yeah!"

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Oh my gosh.... I just read my after surgery post..... I was so out of it. I know I did not make much sense. I never had much pain. Just a little gas and upset stomach. I slept so good at the center and hotel.

I got home from TJ around 6:30 am today (Monday). The red-eye flight from San Diego to Atlanta was a killer. Plus we had to wait in the airport for 6 hours because the hotel made us check out by 2:30 pm. I was really upset by that. Also, I could not get in touch with anyone at the OCC on Sunday to attempt making travel changes. I kept getting busy signals or an answering service that spoke 1 sentence in English, "The center is closed today, call back on Monday". I was very frustrated. My Spanish is horrible, but I am going to change that by my next trip.

Maybe is was just me. But I did not think the folks working at the Lucerne hotel were that nice either. There were a couple of folks that were very helpful, like Alonso. But I got the impression that the rest could really care less. I think part of it was the language barrier or just plain indifference. It was all minor things. The hotel is nice and clean. We had a beautiful pool view.

The driver from the OCC was extremely nice and helpful.

Other than that, I am very happy with the OCC. I want to go back to TJ for my first fill and have Dr. Ortiz do the follow-up. And I am very happy that I chose Dr. Ortiz and his clinic.

My husband and I did some shopping at the "avenue". I bought some very nice turquoise pieces & fake designer purses. That was a lot of fun. I would not recommend a female to that that adventure alone though.

The weather was great in TJ. We sat by the pool some.

Also, the food at the hotel was way too tempting. They had a Sunday brunch that looked amazing.

The night before my surgery I had ceviche & lasagna at the Rivoli. My husband had a tuscan chicken dinner. It was all very good. It is very hard to kick my love of food habit. In the back of my mind, I feel deprived that I could not have the Sunday brunch. But being a hot mom is much more enticing than a taco.

I met some very nice folks from states who were having surgery or getting fills.

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