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Needing Support/Advice

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Hi Everyone,

I have just returned from a work trip that involved 6 weeks of not being able to pursue my weight loss the way I really wanted to. I am surprised that I still lost about 15 pounds during this time. Although at my size, this is a modest accomplishment. I am soliciting advice for getting back on track. I know that I definitely need a fill and due to my job I cant take time off to go the OCC and must find somewhere local. Any advice for jump starting my eating, exercise, and weight loss regime is greatly appreciated.


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First off don't stress we all get off track from time to time, you may need another fill or maybe just a reset of bad habits...

Here's a post about how to get rid of those bad habits and get back in tune with listening to your body/pouch: http://www.lapbandforum.com/index.php?showtopic=7675

Keep posting we are here to support you!

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Hi Gracey! First of all, congratulate yourself on still losing 15lbs. That's nothing to sneeze at! Focus on the positive.

I'm not able to go to the OCC for my fills. I use Fill Centers USA for my fills. I have my second schedules for Aug. 9th. Try their website and see if they have a location near you. Their prices are more expensive than OCC, but it usually evens out on what you'd spend on air fare or travel expenses. Unless you live really close to there, of course. I drive about 45 mins to the location nearest to me in Moultrie, GA.

As far as jump starting your routine, Michelle's link says it all!

:) Good luck!

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I think just going back to the basics will help. By this I mean 3 meals a day that are planned ahead of time, a snack or 2 if needed, lots of water and a walk a day. Now that you are home I hope you will find it easier to plan your meals and exercise every day.

15 pounds is nothing to take for granted at in 6 weeks. That's just the right pace averaging not quite 2 pounds per week. You don't want to lose any faster no matter how much you have to lose because the skin will not have time to tighten up again as you lose.


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