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Orlando FL Fill Doctor

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Ok....technically he is NOT in Orlando. He is in Altamonte Springs, about 10 minutes north of Orlando. Dr. Beltre WILL work with us Mexican Bandsters. He has NO issues with us at all.

His office staff was very professional. He was professional, and very cordial. This doc was really very nice. I enjoyed the visit. He did NOT use fluro, but found my port without it pretty quickly. He did numb the area before he used the fill needle. Asked what it cost me to have it done (and commented it could not have been done for that here). I did let him know it was the difference between whether I could get it done at all. He stated that most docs don't touch us mexican bansters out of a lack of understanding. He said if more docs understood, they would do more fills for us. So...it was a GREAT visit. I am on liquids for today, soft foods only tomorrow, and regular diet on Saturday.

I am on my way! I go back in three weeks to check progress and tweak my fill if needed.

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The initial consult (which includes the first fill) is $500. It is a bit more than the fill center, but with the price of gas it comes out better than several long drives. I live in Altamonte Springs. Dr. Beltre is literally 2 miles from my house! So that makes up for it for me, virtually NO gas charges to get there. Additional fills are $100 and visits without fills are $50.

Fills are generally without fluro, but it is avail if it is needed (according to his nurse). He did not need it with me and I am still quite "fluffy" around the mid-section.

To reach him....

Dr. Wiljon Beltre

685 Palm Springs Drive, Suite 1E

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

(In Palm Springs Medical Center)

Phone 407-830-6868

Fax 407-830-7801

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