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It's done!!

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I am officially a bandster!! I am so happy. I feel so empowered now that it is inside me and nobody can take it from me. I'm not sure why I think that way.

I had surgery monday morning and it was amazing. The whole experience was above what I had even grown to expect by reading all the posts on this forum.

I don't remember any discussion about weight lifting limits. Anyone know?


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I have no interest in exercising at this point. :P I do however have a large family with tons of laundry and house keeping. Also on the plane ride home my suitcase was heavy. I'm just nervous about a hernia.


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welcome to bandland!

I don't know about the hernia issue... just a thought when you go back for your fill.. take a light, beach type bag and enough clothes for 2 days. Lighter is better.. definately.

I did this and it worked so well for me.

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