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:(( :lb20: :lb1: :girl_mad::girl_cray2:

Yesterday was 7 weeks since banding, I'm at that point where I can eat anything and everything. I'm not motivated at all right now, I'm not exercising, I'm drinking with everything I eat (I've probably stretched the hell out of my band!), I can take big bites and it goes right on through!

Thursday was my birthday, I weighed myself that morning and was down 2 lbs to 185 and I thought, "oh, way cool a two pound loss for my b-day, best present I could get". Well.............. this morning - back up to 187!!! I mean it was like giving me a present for the day and then taking it back the next day - SUCKS!!!!


I'm being so bad, doing everything I shouldn't be doing - Oh, Lord get back on track - I don't want to screw this up - it cost me to much damn money!

Yelling, screaming, stamping my feet (farted :stinker: ), crying, snot running down my face - got hiccups :lb6:

Scene from Moonstruck: Cher slapping Nicholas Cage on the face, "SNAP OUT OF IT!". Somebody go get me a Cymbalta, better get me 3 of them - really need them today!

Getting my first fill next Saturday - very hopeful. This coming week I will try the three day liquid protein regime - see if that works.

Okay, thanks I feel a little better - think I'll go take a shower, shave my legs, put on some shorts and go shopping (I'll put a shirt on too).

Have a great weekend everybody!


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It will get lots better, but you've got to hang in there and give the band and you some time to figure this new thing out. It took me 3 fills to finally feel restriction and wow! So hang in there baby! Keep doing what you know to do and don't change that ticker very often. That's the mind game part of it. You're gonna do great. I know we here it a lot...it's going to take time. Today I can accept that, some days I can't. So go find something fun to do! :rolleyes:


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First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (again)

Second...weird, and I'll never suggest this again, but because you're drinking with those big ole bites, you're unrestricted and it slides through, you haven't stretched your pouch or your band. Everything will still be right as rain waiting for a few ccs of saline to help you over your misery.

You haven't been getting any bang for your $8,000 bux, but I digress....

My birthday was last Saturday. Fellow Leo. I celebrated with a long weekend in Mexico and too much alcohol (clear, liquids, right?) in fruity, unfizzy drinks I'd normally skip...but since I can't have rum and Diet Coke, it was a margarita here, a mai tai there... I ate right but, drank a zillion calories.

Move on, your birthday is over, your fill is coming.

Like you, I celebrated in bandster hell and then got filled (Tuesday). I don't have restriction in the sweet spot sense, but am closer to the real deal than I was last Monday. You'll get there, too.

So, here's your Moonstruck quote, SNAP OUT OF IT!




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Happy Birthday Suzanna,

How about you give yourself a nice big birthday gift and set yourself mini goals. Get back on track, don't drink while you eat and I guarantee by the end of next week, you will have an even better birthday gift!

You can do this, it can be frustrating...I have gotten off track too. It's easier to eat fast food when my family is not home, but I try to make healthier choices and balance my calories throughout the day. If I am going to eat a burger for dinner, be healthy at breakfast and lunch.

We are here for you to give you support, hugs and slaps!!


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Oh Suzie I feel for you. I do understand what you are going through. Before my first fill I could and did eat alot of what I shouldn't have. Now since my fill I am having trouble eating solids. It's my own fault as I don't go slow enough or chew enough but I am finally getting the hang of it. My biggest problem is one I had prior to surgery and that is ICE CREAM. Oh it goes down so easy, especially when I can't eat solids very well. I know this is eating around the band and all that and I am trying to STOP this. I guess years of bad habits and my one worst one is not going away easily. I know it is my choice and it's just going to take that much longer to lose the weight. So my dear I do understand and let's both just take it one day at a time and we CAN do this together!!!

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Julie, Dear, I'll admit this is a bit of a hijack, but...

If you want what you want, and you do... then give yourself a far healthier version of what you want. You'll need a small food processor.

Freeze Dannon light vanilla yogurt in separate 4 oz containers.

Add a frozen yogurt to the food processor. Add a half scoop of protein powder.

Add whatever it is that you crave. Frozen berries, check. Or a Nilla wafer or two, check. Or a squeeze of Hershey's syrup, cool. Marshmallows? Okay. Or a Girl Scout Thin Mint? By all means. 3 cashews and one Werther's toffee? Knock yourself out. Could be a different concoction every day.


It isn't Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry's, but it will do. --And it's high in protein, almost fat free and contains just 1 Weight Watchers point in stuff you crave.

If you can name an equally adequate substitute for Diet Coke, I'm all ears.

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I love this quote: An ERROR only becomes a MISTAKE when it is REPEATED.

We all stumble, today I gave into my sweet tooth and had 1\2 a cupcake at a birthday party my son and I attended today. Sure I could have eaten the whole thing, (I would have in the past along with whatever my son didn't eat from his cupcake) i could have said yes when she offered to wrap up a cupcake for me to take home to my hubby (in the past I would have accepted and eaten that whole one too) my point is we all fail but being able to see where you failed in the past and make changes to not go down that path again is a huge part of doing the headwork.

I will end with another quote: If you always do what you've always done you will continue to get what you've always got.

You can get back on track!

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Happy Birthday Suzanna!!!!

I'm too new to have any words of wisdom, but just want to encourage you that none of us is perfect! Celebrate your special day...the essential part of you...what makes you special doesn't change with the scale.


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