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Your opinion on wearing a medical alert tag for lap band?

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I can't think of one.

A band doesn't indicate an allergy of meds, it's not likely to make me unconscious (like diabetes can), not likely to cause an irregular heartbeat....no issues with lung function or heart function...

If it's a band complication, chances are outstanding that even if I'm sliming like a slug, I can still talk. They'll do an x-ray long before a GI scope....they'll know if I can't talk.

Thinking hard...why would they pump my stomach? OD? Medic Alert not needed in that case.

If it's something like a car accident, industrial accident, stabbing or shooting...I'll be naked with notable scars...and neither blood, nor EGKs, nor chest compressions would be any big deal. Even a rib spreader would merely expose the band, but unless they're removing shrapnel or making stomach sutures...no reason (for them) to worry about it.

I dunno. I can't think of a situation where the band would be troublesome, unless there is damage to the stomach directly...and by that time, they'll know, won't they?

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