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counting calories

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So are you supposed to count calories during the liquid stage? i have lost 11lbs since being banded last tuesday (7/29) and been told I have not been eating right because I added creamy soups and like a half of a small milkshake because my stomach is growling loud and others can hear it I also had serious diarrhea until I added that and now I go almost normally. So am I still doing this wrong?

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Supposedly you are only supposed to have broths, water, gatorade, real liquidy stuff. Yesterday we got to add in DRINKABLE YOGURT. Tommorrow, we look forward to more fuller soups and I'm assuming protein shakes, but not made in a blender. Herballife makes a shake that I've used that is GREAT and you can shake it in a "shaker" that they have (almost like a martini shaker but not nearly as glamorous). I've lost 11 pounds too since banding so it sounds like you are doing fine, but I would get a little more strict. OH, don't forget to take a Benefiber cabsule for hunger.

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