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Did everyone here have their wls at OCC?

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Hi there and welcome!!

There are people here that had their surgery done by Dr's other than Dr. Ortiz at the OCC. [i did have my surgery done by him] We're all here for the same reason, to help everyone through this journey. There are alot of great people here, so read, post and enjoy!! :D

:lb9: Darlene

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I won't be having mine done at OCC and have just realised that this is a site for OCC. Is everyone else here because they had their surgery done at OCC or are there other ringins?

Hey Shasha, I had my surgery done here in Australia and found this website by chance. I log on daily and read most of the posts... I have found it really great and the people here are really supportive. Everyone is different although it is great to talk and read about things that you were not aware of or read about something simular to what your going through...

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I am planning on having my surgery at OCC in 2 1/2 weeks, but I have found that some of the most supportive and informative people here have had their wls elsewhere. Everyone here is supportive and you can get so much information. This is a wonderful forum to be a part of!

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