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5 1/2 weeks until surgery

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Yes I am counting down. Ok so tomorrow I am going to call Dr Miranda, even though it is early. Someone told me to call her to get things started. Then I will have hubby call her too. He works until about 3 pm so I will have him call once he gets off work. I am not sure where to start but I want to make sure we lose what we need to so we can make sure to have the surgery. I have been trying to explain everything to my husband, but he is just trying to wait until the last minute before he freaks out, I think. I am going to start throwing away anything in the house that we should not be eating. He will have to give up on the idea of cupcakes and ice cream. HA! Although my son doesn't. I know this is going to be tough, during this time. But I know we want this bad enough, he is going to have to just do it. I will call him and bug him at work if I have to. Does anyone have any advise on what they did during this time to get ready?

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I'm getting ready for surgery in October. I've been eating what Dr. Miranda has spoken to me about a shake for breakfast, and lean cuisine for lunch and supper along with a large salad.

I've been doing this for 2 weeks and have lost 7lbs so far. I'm trying to get my BMI down below 50 before I have surgery. She gave me several choices to do and if I hadn't lost weight this week I would have changed. I think it only makes sense to start loosing as soon as possible it is less I have to do and when you realize that the odds are against loosing 100% of the fat I have anything to help. Also knowing that this process of loosing is going to take years not months is something else I'm trying to get into my head. I'm seriously thinking about going to a psychologist after i have the surgery. I know that at Emory here they have a hugh program for obesity control

good luck.

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Guest CaraMBA09

sheesh, you guys are doing so good in your planning already.

I need to call Dr. Miranda and get my pre-op going. I only have a BMI of 31, so I was told that doing a pre-op is a good idea...but not necessary. I actually had biscuits and gravy this morning...bad, bad cara...but I keep reading about everyone not being able to eat bread, biscuits, toast, etc and I thought..."why not"

now I am regretting it...I feel like I have this huge lump in my stomach and if I could make myself get sick, I would.

I am going to get serious tomorrow, I cannot gain anymore weight and cant eat this kind of stuff because I feel sick. bleck.

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I called the doc this morning, she said I have to lose 12 pounds and hubby has to lose about 14. We can start our diets at the end of the month, I am getting on mine now, I have to make sure I lose this. I am going to get hubby on board soon. It is going to be hard but we can do it. I even got a call from one of the loan companies. They still want us, but I think my medical loans has already paid. I will check with them later. How exciting. I can't wait to get started.

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