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Why does it feel like somethings stuck??

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This is normal for some, make sure you are eating really slow and when you get that sensation stop and wait. Then I would take a look and see if there was anything chunky in your soup that you didn't chew? Was it thicker? You may only be able to eat smaller amounts, so try cutting down.

Its great that you noticed – you’re listening to your body and its telling you to slow down.



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On my first night of solid foods, I got a piece of salmon stuck. I remember it well and I do not want to revisit, anytime soon. My first PB.

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Every time the "stuck" feeling has happened to me, I have to stop eating IMMEDIATELY. It is your "stop" sign. Sometimes, I have that feeling and then swallow the bite I was chewing. I got that horrible pb pain...

Try to stop before you get to that point.

Also, even the first bite can stick. They aren't kidding when they say chew, chew, chew. My other problem, which I think I have control of now, is not waiting long enough between bites. You have to put your fork down between tiny bites, and give the last bite time to go down before you take the next.

Good luck!

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I agree Paula, I have that same problem..... I call it "the shoveling syndrome".... I'm so used to shoveling in my food and the band makes me realize that those days are over!! :P As soon as I feel that little pressure feeling in my chest\throat,

I stop and wait. Live and learn, huh??!! ;)

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