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Foods to Avoid

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While I was browsing I came across this:

Foods To Avoid

After you have transitioned to solid foods, you should try to avoid certain foods. Such foods include, but are not limited to:

Dried fruits




Corn (especially popcorn)


Nuts and seeds (walnuts, whole peanuts, almonds)

Carbonated beverages

High calorie foods/drinks

Ok some I know why but the asparagus and pineapple??? (Of course these are 2 of my favorites!!)

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I only avoided carbonated drinks for the first 6 months since they can cause slippage. (And still hardly drink these - they don't taste as good since I'm out of the habit) High calorie foods/drinks, don't need the calories, I was trying to loose weight. (Done) And still try to stay away from all unless its healthy or a good glass of red wine which actually fits under healthy.

Everything else I've always eaten - just chew the heck out of it. If its something I like and its good for me - if I can chew it to paste - I'm going to eat it. With my band, sometimes I can eat something, sometimes I can’t – its pretty fickle. So I generally will try things that I know are good for me. I eat rice, bread (very well toasted wheat) and whatever. I take small bites - chew it up to nothing and let it go down.



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