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Question for Experienced Bandsters

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Hi All,

Banded a week ago in TJ and have followed the clear liquids going on day 7 now. I've not been hungry and read enough advice on this forum to know I must sip sip sip constantly throughout the day etc. Tried a drinkable yougart with no problems today and clear soup is fine. I don't cheat because I look at everything (like even a peanut) and ask myself, is that an $8000 peanut? Even sex with Kevin Costner isn't worth $8 grand and I'd leave my mate for him.

My question is:

I want to you to imagine a shampoo bottle that you turn over. See the slow moving bubble going up the bottle? Ok keep that in mind. I feel like I have swallowed the red milk jug cap and it is stuck forever in the back of my throat. I have a pressure/almost a small annoying dull pain right in my sternum between my breasts which stays with me constantly. I have a re-occuring gas bubble (???) that starts out as a little hiccup and moves to a yawn then begins the slow (shampoo bottle) ascent from my belly straight up the middle to the sternum and for a brief second it is very painful. So much so for that moment, I cant even walk or speak. Now yesterday, this happened over 40 times. I kept track. As far as I can tell and record, there is not a trigger for this bubble, if indeed it is one. I know that stomach pain is sometimes located in the back but I don't really have that.

Is like there is a 3 inch piece of pvc pipe in my windtunnel from throat to breastbone.

I've had GERD and acid reflux before so I know what those are, but this is different and uncomfortable.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance from Florida!

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I has something similar, but it was followed by a "frat boy at a kegger" type belch.

Do you not burp afterwards?

No, I haven't belched but maybe 5 tiny ones all week. I didnt belch or pass gas for two whole days after surgery. GasX and maalox are my diet right now.

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Since you were banded only a week ago I'd say it's just normal gas\healing discomfort. But like Sandy said, if it's really bothersome, call or email the OCC, they'll get right back to you.

I had more of the shoulder\collarbone area pain or discomfort. I found if I drank or ate cold things, it hurt more. See if sipping hot tea, coffee or broth soothes it any. I hope you feel better soon!! :yes: Darlene

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