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Does your "original stomach" ever shrink?

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Just wondering what you think? I have heard that your "original stomach" can only stretch but not ever shrink back. But I have heard the opposite also. Who really knows right? We can only hope that it does.

Personally, I think my original stomach may have shrunk some......

I know this is silly...... But what the heck!! :P

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I watched the Youtube videos Dr. Ortiz has produced. He says that while not eating so much reduces the stomach some, the first time you eat a big ol burger the stomach is able to easily accomodate the food and restretch. He says something like a normal stomach holds 2 LITERS while our new banded "top" stomach is designed to hold a half a cup.

I found the videos very interesting.

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I think I know what you are talking about Ackovach. I think my lower stomach has shrunk too. Small portions fill up my "new stomach" quickly, but if I eat something like soup, that goes down easy...I get that STUFFED feeling in my lower stomach. I had almost forgotten how uncomfortable it was to be stuffed like that. I've decided to limit my intake to 1/2 cup even if more will go down easily. I don't like that feeling AT ALL.


Donna ;)

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