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liquid diet pre op

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I have noticed that many forum posters went on a liquid diet pre op. I have not been asked to do anything - just turn up the day before the surgery. Just wondering why some people were required to do this.


It depends on who your surgeon is. Most of us went to OCC. Dr. Miranda, the dietician there, decides what kind of pre-op diet that she wants each of us on, depending on how much weight we need to lose before surgery. One of the choices is 3 liquid meals a day.

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I am quoting off of my "bible":

"To expose the area of the upper stomach requires the liver to be physically lifted off the stomach. The liver is often quite large and somewhat immobile in very obese people. This can prove to be a major obstacle in working around the upper part of the stomach. To avoid this situation and make the procedure safer and easier, (my) patients are put on a low fat, low carb diet for three weeks. This pre-op diet can pay off big dividends, because the liver usually shrinks dramatically in a very short time."

Now, I'm not saying anyone is obese, but I think Dr. O's pre-op diets are for the same reason.

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