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My Hubbie is now banded.

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Hi All

Cujo and I traveled yesterday, taking 2 planes to San Diego. He was grumpy from fasting and I had motion sickness

and truly threw up for the first time since being banded.( not PBing)

Arrived at the clinic where Hubbie had his preops. Back to the Lucerna for FOOD.

Today a 15 seater minivan ( not Mrs Ortiz anymore) takes us to the clinic.

Cujo goes second and takes longer as half his stomach is stuck up in his eosophagus.

While he sleeps I have an adjustment and although my band looks OK and my pouch looks Ok I have .3cc taken out

as I have been PBing alot. Dr Acosta and I decide it is me (NOT CHEWING ENOUGH) but better safe than sorry as I don't want the band to slip.

I also go to visit Dr Quiroz at Cosmed.I take a taxi to his office,but he wasn't there as he had a family emergency. I ask the receptionist to call me a taxi to take me back to the clinic as I forgot to bring the clinics address.

The driver speaks no english and I don't think me asking for "2 beers please" in spanish would have helped.

I point to the Lucerna where Alonso the wonderful concierge tells him where I need to go.

We drive a little and we arrive NOT at the clinic. I'm starting to panic and think I'll just have to go back to the hotel and start again.meanwhile leaving Hubbie to his own devices.

A lovely guy who does speak english tries to help but as I don't have the actual address so it is a waste of time. And then I remember COSTCO. Yah for Costco.

Driver now understands and I safely arrive at the clinic. Hubbie has slept the whole time.

We walked a while until; I was kicked out of the clinic and back to the hotel.

We now have HIS and HER scars but he does have the larger VG band.


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Congrats Nicolek and congrats to your husband! I'm sure its almost more nerve wracking to be there for a loved one's banding than for your own!

Take care, get some rest and go out to that wonderful restaurant by the pool at the Lucerna and have a wonderful dinner!

Take care our thoughts are with you and your husband!

Welcome to Bandland to Cujo!

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Best wishes to both of you!! Make sure you take Dramamine on the plane ride home [i get airsick too :bad: ]

I was at the OCC last month and SO enjoyed the pool at the Lucerna and the tortillia soup at the lobby resturant.

Have fun and enjoy... Cujo will be fine! ;)

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