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Fun in TJ

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Hey all

Cujo was released from the clinic today about 10am so we hit Revolution Avenue.

Bought a couple of things but it was busier than Feb when I was banded and hot.

Hung by the pool this afternoon and then walked to cinepolis VIP at the plaza rio.

The theatre had love seat chairs that recline and that have tables on the sides not just drink holders.

It was great to be able to stretch out after surgery especially for a big guy like my hubbie.

It cost us a total of $14 for the 2 of us. We pay that much for one of us back home and are cramped up.

So anyone looking for some entertianment while trying not to think of food, check it out.


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So glad your hubbie's procedure is over, now the journey begins!! You have done so well with your weight loss I am sure tis is his inspiration. Thanks for the tip about the theater, it sound fun if you have someone to snuggle with on the love seats for sure. Here's to an easy recovery period for Cujo and I wish him well on the fabulous liquid phase.

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