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Had My Surgery on Monday 18th!!! Now I'm Starving

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HELLO FRIENDS! Well, I went to the OCC Monday and had awonderful experience like everyone here. The plane ride home was rough but I made it through. Today is Thursday and I am literally so weak I can hardly type. Is it the surgery, or lack of food that is making me weak? I've drank Boost protein drinks, popsicles and chicken broth today. I am really really hungry. Any suggestions? I am feeling like I will die if I don't get something to eat. HELP!!!

Sorry to whine so much. I knew this would be hard but I don't think I knew just exactly how hard.

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Hi Francie,

The first week was the hardest for me. Have you added the yogurt to your diet yet? Do you have any pre-existing conditions that need to be monitored like diabetes or high-blood pressure? My potassium was low and had to make sure I was getting enough. I used Gatorade G2 & Emergen-c drink supplements.

Some others have mentioned b-12 supplements as well.

hang in there. you almost to the creamy phase. it gets a little easier from there.

I also took tomato and and mixed it lots of broth. I am not sure if that is considered a clear liquid or not, but it gave me some variety and nutrients.

Be sure to take a liquid vitamin too.

I am just finishing up with post-opt today and get eat solids tomorrow.

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I would definetly say make sure you are not dehydrated. I have not tried the special K protein water mixes, but I bought some for my post op. I would say give those a try, cause then your getting a boost of water plus protein. Also, I would say do the vitamins as well. You could totally be drained of potassium and such. keep us posted on how you are doing. I hope you feel better.

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Welcome back and glad all went well...you are still recovering from major surgery, so take your time and rest. Drink everything in sight, whenever you feel like it, do not limit portions or calories during healing. Keep up your strength and take your vitamins, you will feel good as new in no time!

All the best! :D

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Thanks for the tips. I am feeling better today. Yesterday was damn hard!! Ever notice how much people eat on TV?

Ackovack: I don't have any major health issues, and I did eat a little bit of yogurt yesterday. I was feeling a little better after that. Going to get some vitamins today if I can walk to the car! lol

Thanks for the help!!

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