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Ideal weight

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My highest weight ever was 240lbs. my weight at surgery was 181, I currently weigh 153. I told my husband that my goal was 135, he said that was too low. That I should weigh between 150 & 145. I looked at him like he was on druga. I said WHAT only 3 lbs less, No Way. Then I started to think about how a person is supposed to know what their ideal weight should be.

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That is a great question because I have had so many different people come up with different numbers from 167-130. That is a huge difference.

My guess is that number is based on what you feel best at and can mantain.

I have 144 because that is what Dr Miranda told me.

Do what you are most comfortable with.

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Plenty of books and sites will tell you what an ideal weight for a certain height should be.

*big "whatever" from me* If your BMI is 25 or lower, they'll be happy.

That isn't your ideal weight though.

When you get to a weight or even a size that you feel comfortable and happy with, then that's the ideal weight for you. If you're already near 150 and you're not there yet, then that's not it for you. If you get to 140 and you're happy as a clam, then you're there.

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