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Hey Guys I'm back!

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Hey everyone,

I'm finally all moved in and got my computer all set up! I've been doing some reading on my pda during the down times so I feel somewhat in the loop but still have a lot of catching up to do!!

On my end not too much is new, I had my scale packed away since the 12th and got it out today for the first time and I had lost 2lbs... Not too shabby considering we ate nothing but fast food for almost 2 weeks during this move but I guess the exercise from lugging boxes was enough to counter act the bad diet.

I have decided I REALLY need a fill because these last few days my eating has been more out of control than any other time since being banded... I think it's the not having all my good food in the house and again eating out so much, I really need to refocus and get that fill as soon as possible!!

Hope everyone is ejoying their summer!!

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I am glad to hear you finished the move. I hate moving! :blink:

Yeah you probably do need another fill if you are eating more. I don't know though, you still seem to be losing pretty quickly! I finally got a good fill in New Orleans Friday. I have 2cc now and boy I can tell it!

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Glad to hear from you Michelle. I hope you are feeling "settled" in your new place.

You are such a structured person with your meal plans etc. that I am sure the chaos of the move disturbed that for you. You'll get back on track. Moving is HUGE as far as a stressor so trust in yourself. I also need another fill, not able to get it until 9/26 so I know how you feel.

It's so nice to see you back here, I missed you! ><'

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Hi Michelle,

Glad the move is over...but the worst is finding the right place for all your things. Sure hope you found the lost item that had you so upset.

May you have many wonderful, happy and healthy years in your new home!


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Yayyy! We are so happy to see you back on the forum again. I'm glad you are all moved in! We missed you around here and I wanted to tell you I referred back to one of your older posts to add some pictures to a post today. Could have NEVER figured it out without your help!



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