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Thank you Boise Bandsters - 10 Discounted Lap Band Fills now available

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Wow, what a successful first three months we have had in our office. I am so excited to be Boise, Idaho's first Lap band fill center. We have meet some incredible people, and love hearing all the personal stories that each of you have brought in. We are seeing some wonderful success stories, and really appreciate the positive feedback that we are receiving.

Due to the incredible success our office is having with Lap Band Fills, we have added a Lap band portion to our website. In order to receive some feedback on our website, we are giving a 20% discount on your next fill, to the first ten people who give us feedback regarding our website.

Simply, just send your feedback to staff@drlukemayes.com after checking out the Lap Band Section of our website.


Each of you have given me some great insight on how to help educate others and I would love to hear your thoughts. If you would take a moment to review our questions and answers, I would like to make sure that they are complete, and cover as much information as possible.

Thanks again for making our grand opening such a great success. By the way, I wanted everyone to know we have flouroscopy now available at a distant location should our patients require it.

Just an FYI remember if you are in Eastern Idaho, Cindy Rice is a nurse practitioner in Pocatello that has provided fills for years. She does an awesome job and has been my "fill center" as well. Her office number is 208-233-9355.

I have loved being a part of each of your lives and am blessed to see each of you succeed at your weight loss goals.

many Blessings,

Dr. Luke Mayes


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