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How lucky did you get?

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Just a hamburger patty and baked potato, but it was good. Dislocated my jaw from chewing so much and will never get used to not drinking while eating, but still better than drinking yogurt.

Yes you will! I thought the same thing, but I did it, I don't order a drink or put a drink on the table for myself during a meal. It's psychological more than anything, if you chew well, you don't need a drink.

Good Luck!

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Take it nice and easy and you will get it. I always had to have a drink with my meals and now I just set my mind like an alarm clock. No more liquids at 1030am and then till 1230pm and at nite its no more from 530pm till 730pm and I stick to those 2 hours of no liquids. Trust me if I could do it anybody can. Good luck with it.

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