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I'm Back

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Hello to all my friends here, yes it's true I am back from vacation. Gosh my 9 days flew by. We got in late last night after a 9 hour drive towing our "new" boat!! I will admit when I first got to our little cabin in Hope Idaho the thought of not being in touch here had me scared. As the days flew by though I was having such a great time I didn't have any DT's from being without a computer. My husband only shook a few times!!

I missed you all and anxiously await catching up on the last week.

And now I must report my weight....gain :angry: Yes 3 pounds back on.

I am saddened by this and thought I might have stayed even as I stuck to my program fairly well and was very active. I think it's because I didn't drink anywhere near my 2-3 liters of water daily I usually drink. I did enjoy 2 fresh huckleberry milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, and a slice of huckleberry pie with ice cream. For meals though I barely ate and had my protein shakes for breakfast. I had at least 3 episodes with my extended family where I had to excuse myself and go slime and/or PB by myself. My family got suspicious and worried about my health as none of them knows about my little secret so I had to fib a little and tell them I was having trouble with getting food stuck. I told them it was from esophageal atresia which runs in my family. It does run in my family. My husband wanted me to just fess up but I didn't want to. Maybe some day. These are very loving, kind folks don't get me wrong but they just wouldn't understand and I'd have to answer a million questions and still they wouldn't understand truly. They are all skinny and are of the mind set a person should just eat less and exercise more etc.

So it's right back on the horse today. I am drinking my water as I type. I am also waiting for TOM to visit and feel worn out from all the driving. I have to work tomorrow and the next 2 weeks are very busy with additional mandatory classes for annual competencies as well as a new computer charting program we will start using at work. I am anxiously awaiting my 2nd fill on 9/26. I can eat way too much at a time. I only PB when I have eaten too fast.

So that's my update. I hope all of you were well while I was gone and I'm happy to be back with you.

><' ><' ><'

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Guest CaraMBA09

WELCOME BACK JULIE! Glad you had a good vacation and dont worry you will get those 3 pounds off before you know it!


I missed you!

Oodles doll


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Thank god your back, I was going through withdrawl. 13 days left girl and I am on my way. I am so excited. The weight loss is tough, I have no idea what I have lost. I am going to buy a scale tomorrow, this thing is broke. Lets pray for good news. Welcome back!!!

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