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8 weeks post op

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Tomorrow will be 8 weeks since my surgery, and 2 weeks since my first fill.

Has anyone ever gone back on the pre-op diet to get their weight loss moving along? I lost 9 lbs. pre-op, and 15 lbs. since surgery. I guess I was just hoping it would come off a little quicker?

Can we go back to protein drinks for a week or so, or should we eat solids from this point on?


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Wow 15 lbs since surgery is great!! Average is 1-2 per week, you have done very well!!

If you want to do shakes here and there, that's up to you...I tried that one day and didn't like it at all, of course the Optifast shakes I have from pre-op don't taste that great and it brought back really bad memories of pre-op.

You choose!!

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