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So, I have noticed Dr. Ortiz recomends just a few fills, correct? Is this view different than that of U.S Doctors? Alot of you are going for a second fill just a month or 6 weeks after your first fill. Is this standard? My book hasn't arrived yet. :wacko: Just wondering if you are doing this because you feel you need it or because Doctors are telling you to come for a fill? I am not understanding when you go for a fill (how often)? It seems everyone has a different opinion. I called another place today, and they told me something else! I am confused! HELP! I guess Dr. Ortiz will set me straight. LOL

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Hi Dana, my surgeon here in Canada, saw me on 5 weeks after surgery to check if I needed a fill, I did not, but shortly afterwards I did. I had surgery on June 10th, had restriction for about 6-7 weeks. My surgeon put 3cc in my 9cc band during surgery, which I found out when I had my first fill on July 30th, he added 1cc more, total 4cc in 9cc band. I see him monthly now until I hit the "sweetspot". I had my 2nd fill on Aug 27th and see him again on Sept 27th. I would say that you are paying for it, you decide when you want it.

I would wait 5-6 weeks from surgery for the first one and then book a month at a time, if you can.

Good Luck!!

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There is no schedule for fills and each person will experience the need for a fill differently. I've had success with several fills. My boyfriend has lost around 140 pounds and has never had a fill. Your first fill is recommended 6-8 weeks after surgery but after that, my philosophy has been to schedule a fill when I feel I need one and not worry about it otherwise.

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